Community Powered

A special thanks goes to Facebook's Nuclide team for providing the Atom IDE user interface package. Both Nuclide and Atom IDE are developed by Facebook and supported by an open source community. At this time, Facebook has decided to retire their open source efforts on Nuclide, the Atom IDE, and other associated repos. All of the source code will remain available in the Facebook Open Source Archives. If you’re interested, we encourage you to check it out and continue to build on top of it. More details on

Also many thanks to Atom IDE language package authors. To get started with your own language integration, check out atom-languageclient. 🚀

Improved language integration

Get smarter context-aware auto-completion, code navigation features such as an outline view, go to definition and find all references. As well as hover-to-reveal information, diagnostics (errors and warnings) and document formatting .

Getting started

Start using IDE-like features in Atom by following the steps below. If you need help, take a look at how to install Atom packages.


Install the atom-ide-ui package. This will add Atom IDE's user interface.


Install an IDE language package that you like to use:

You can also search for packages created by the Atom community.